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Song written by Jenny Naish. Guitar and voice by Jenny Naish. Recorded with Tom Ronan.


How much snow does it take?
I'm so cold my body aches
From this winter all my life has been sucked out
If you're lookin' at my face and I seem a bit disgraced
I have lost my smile I only wear a pout

Well, I'll dream about the summer
When the weather it was warmer
And my heart sang like a bird up in the tree
But for now I'll sit here shiverin'
Me poor ol' legs a quiverin'
All this winter's got me cryin' to myself

I could use a bit of lovin'
Your warm arms like an oven
Please do hold me till this winter's gone away
In the spring we can discover
As we throw off all these covers
And we walk both hand in hand
In the warm, hot, sun