Jenny Naish is a  Music NL 2021 Alternative Artist of the year nominee and ultimate come from away living in St. John's, Newfoundland since October 1999. Born and raised in London, Ontario, Jenny sings and plays originals & cover songs to entertain. Whether it's up on stage at the pub, the theatre, around the campfire or on the side of Water Street, Jenny brings extensive theatre training with her stage presence. Her unique voice goes from earthy to ethereal as she plays many selections from the Canadian Canon and beyond including Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, Gordon Lightfoot, Ron Hynes, Anne Murray & Rita MacNeil, to name a few. Jenny wrote, recorded and released the singles Ever Since & How Much in 2021 as well as releasing a version of Stompin' Tom Connors tragic ballad Jenny Donnelly. How Much appeared on the CBC Listen App Sounds of Newfoundland & Labrador Singer-Songwriter playlist while Ever Since was featured on the City Of St. John's & Music NL's summer TRAILMIX Spotify Playlist as well as reaching number 28 on the CIOE 97.5 FM East Coast Top 30 in Nova Scotia the week of August 28, 2021. Jenny recorded & released the Tom Ronan songs Unconditional Oxygen with Tom Ronan & Lee Tizzard in 2020 and in 2019 she was a featured vocalist on Tom & Lee's Modern Archetypes album Plausible Deniability on the song Rave in Kelligrews a comical dance electronic update on the traditional Newfoundland folk classic The Kelligrews Soiree. Jenny is a rising star on the streaming platform Sessions. She is a verified Google artist and you can also find her on You Tube, Apple, Spotify, and other streaming platforms. She independently releases her music through cdBaby and is a member of MusicNL, The Ecma's, mdiio, Socan and Indie Week.