1. Unconditional
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You get in a car
We drive back to reality
It's a dream
I wanna touch you, I wanna see you
So inviting, so enticing
Just to chase the sun out west to be with you
Someone who knows me. Someone who loves me.
Unconditional. Unconditional.

I have a theory
I'm waiting for the other shoe to fall
I always knew it. Work my way through it.
Just to stay one step ahead of pending rain
There it is!
Something to move me. Something to soothe me.

We have a history
We met when life was charmed and fun and young
I wanna see it. I want to feel it.
So inviting. So enticing.
Just for one more day
To kick it back with you
People who knew me. People who love me.
Unconditional. Unconditional.

You bought a used guitar
You're writing songs to find your way to God
You wanna touch her. You wanna see her
So inviting. So enticing
Just to live your life for days
And pray you will
Someone who loves you. Someone who wants you.
Unconditional. Unconditional.

You bought a used guitar. You're writing songs.
Keep writing songs.